Wireless Versus Regular Speakers Systems

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In this post, I‘m going to address some issues related is to wireless as well as regular speaker systems. I’m going to focus on some of the drawbacks of wireless systems but also highlight some of their advantages.

Speakers are available in different styles as well as different technologies. You can nowadays purchase wireless rear speakers, wireless subwoofers as well as Bluetooth speakers as well as regular models. The main advantage of the wireless technology is the additional amount of freedom you have when locating the speakers. In case of Bluetooth models, also have the advantage of being able to stream from the phone without having to plug in an audio cable.

Wireless home theater systems are quite rare and for the most part only include wireless we speakers. The front speakers are typically hard-wired to the receiver. That is understandable because the front speakers are quite close to the AV receiver and the cabling is usually less noticeable. Also, keeping in mind that wireless speakers require a power cord, making the front speakers wireless does not make much sense except …

A Look at Some Wireless Products Designed for Audio Transmission

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When it comes to eliminating speaker cable clutter, there are several products on the market which promised freedom from wires. It is quite tempting to get one of these products if you have been in a situation where you had to set up a large number of loudspeakers and where it was difficult to run speaker wires.

However, as always, not all products work equally well. Therefore, it is smart to know more about particular types of products and technologies before making a decision to purchase any particular product. Let me talk about some commonly used technologies and also highlight some advantages and drawbacks.

Bluetooth is probably one of the most famous technologies when it comes to transmitting audio wirelessly. There are now many models of Bluetooth wireless speakers on the market. Obviously, the main advantage of using Bluetooth is that you can stream music from pretty much anybody device. However, Bluetooth is not so much established within home theater settings. That is not surprising because Bluetooth usually has a fairly large latency. That means that …

How to Stay Abreast with the Latest Technology Gadgets

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Manufacturers come up with new ideas and new gadgets almost every week. Therefore, it is hard to keep up with what is going on in the world of audio and consumer electronics. There are several trade magazines which tend to highlight new products but mostly these magazines feature products from sponsors and don’t usually give you the broad outlook. Obviously, if there’s a product which is really groundbreaking then chances are you will find it in those magazines. However, some other neat products are usually being overlooked.

Tradeshows are another source of information when it comes to new products. Tradeshows have the advantage that oftentimes you will find prototypes and products which have not yet been released. Also, you can usually talk with the salespeople to find out what any of these manufacturers has in the pipeline. However, you will have to spend quite a bit of money in order to purchase a ticket and airfare to attend the shows. Some shows are also close to the public. However, you can watch TV because they are some …

Tips for Choosing the Right Connectors for Setting up Your Audio Equipment

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The old saying is true: your audio system is just as good as the weakest link. Many people don’t realize, however, that the weakest link oftentimes is not any specific component but rather the interconnecting cables. Often, people will spend thousands of dollars to purchase higher-quality components for this system but failed to spend an adequate amount on interconnecting cables. However, cables are a crucial part of any audio system.

When choosing audio cables, it is important to choose cables which are made from good-quality materials. A commonly used cable is an RCA cable. RCA cables connect ports between different audio components which carry a line-level audio signal. These cables should fit tightly in order to conduct electricity properly. There are some connectors which tend to spread apart such that over time these will result in a loose fit. A loose fit can introduce resistance between the conductor of the cable and the connector. A resistance can in turn cause audio distortion.

cool speakers which are wireless

I usually recommend to purchase RCA cables which have a firm closed …